Gdzie tu potańczyć?/ Where to dance?

DSC01404Gdzie tu potańczyć?/ Where to dance?
Czas karnawału w Baden Wuettenberg (Artykuł w wersji polskiej ukaże się w numerze grudniowym 2015 w druku.)

 Time of Carnival in Baden Wuettenberg

Carnival time encourages not only to go out, have fun, to improve or strengthen some dancing skills but also to get some more possibilities to stay fit and simply feel good in own body. For some, it is also one of the most enjoyable form of social connecting, lasting perhaps in fruitful friendships and relationships.



If among usually busy day you will find time for yourself, you probably don’t want to waste it on searching for information. I therefore propose a quick overview of where and what to expect, wishing everyone to have pleasant try out of free courses and to find something special, unique and interesting for yourself.

For those who favor Latin vibe, I suggest courses of salsa, Afro Cubano dance, Zumba, Merenge, Batchata with Teo Bone from Ecuador, which teaches not only in Heidelberg, (in Canoa Bar), but in different towns of Baden Wuettenberg, including Bad Rapenau. It would be best to ask him personally. www.sudanza.com/kurse-hd.html (Tel: 0151 6161 7564)


IMG_5559For individuals with aspirations to perform on the stages of theaters, participate in video clips I encourage you to visit the school and theater Nostos Tanzwekstadt in Heidelberg (www.no stos-tanztheater.org). You can find there a wide range of activities, from ballet through modern, hip hop, jazz to tango. This school is conveniently located near Bismarckplatz in Carrie. For more information, phone choreographer from Greece, Christina Liakopoyloy 0177 8440844, and specifically about jazz: 0176 361 37 858

Petra's school 1


A similar offer, especially for children and youth in the city near by(Mannheim) has a school of Petra Klimes Movement Ballet Schule. 0621 – 46 26 009 www.movements-mannheim.de It is worth noting that in addition to dance lessons, you can “taste” Pilates, Yoga, Acrobatics for young people and Ballet for women in any age, but if you are not mature enough (55), that is probably not for you ;). The trial class is free.

IMG_8389 If it happens that actually your hands want to dance more than your feet, maybe it is a cry of your body to play the drums. workshop_1This is also the most accessible in the few towns. In Heidelberg Paco Niane from Senegal not only teaches drumming, also organizes concerts of African groups and other events. Ideally it will be to ask him. (Tel: 0176-31434133) www.sunucraft.org/band.trommelkurs.html




FB_IMG_1445974266156FB_IMG_1425328350556A complete mix of drumming and African dance offers Ibrahima Camara from Guinea, taking his students in a very unique world of African rhythms. Not only he has classes in Mannheim (Abendsakademie) and Frankental (Musikakademie www.mymusicacademy.de), (tel: 0176 647 86 408), but also you can watch him perform with a group of dancers and musicians at African festivals and events.
For those who have not found their city here, there is a possibility to organize a workshop where you live. The best is to ask chosen instructor.


Well, and if we do not want or have time to participate in a weekly classes, but we like to have fun, some of the instructors offer shows at private parties, like birthday, entertaining guests, showing simple dance routines, everybody can follow.

Have an inspiring, joyful and easy to move carnival time! Stay fit!

Joanna Pilatowicz

PS: this text is not edited by English native speaker, so if you see something to correct, I will appreciate your response.


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